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of successful CEOs have an executive coach


Long considered the difference maker behind successful CEOs, today executives, professionals, business owners, and aspiring professionals are increasingly recognizing the importance of investing in executive coaching as a means of enhancing their leadership and business acumen.

Executive coaching is designed to elevate every individual, both personally and professionally, in their life’s journey. As an experienced, insightful, and supportive guide, executive coaches are committed to helping each person design a path tailored to their individual purpose. Regardless of one’s age, position or personal circumstances, executive coaching has the potential to open up new pathways and remove self-imposed blocks that impede progress and lead to greater career success and job satisfaction. So, why wait? Get out there and build the career you've always dreamed of, and begin living the life you've always dreamed of with the help of an executive coach.

Executive coaching is an effective method of personal and professional development for leaders who need a structured process, an actionable plan, and a trusted partner to ensure that they reach and even exceed their goals. It is designed to help you reflect deeply, clarify your objectives, and align both your personal and organizational objectives, creating greater alignment, insight, a roadmap to success, and a commitment to see it through. Our coaching process is deeply intrinsic and helps you explore the behaviors, perspectives, and habits that may be limiting your effectiveness and affecting your relationships, while helping you fully leverage your strengths and value.

Through a series of tailored one-on-one meetings, an experienced executive coach will provide you with the insight and support you need to unlock your highest potential and uncover solutions to further develop your personal skills and competencies. With our program, you can maximize your performance and success as a motivator and inspirational leader.

Coaching can support changes in areas such as mindset, leadership effectiveness, conflict management, communication, and strategy - enabling clients to lead confidently and effectively with clarity and purpose.

Each engagement is tailored specifically for the individual.
The packages below are our most popular.

  • One 3-hour Focus Session dedicated to one (1) specific issue.

  • In-Person or Virtual (via phone or video conference) Follow up call within three weeks of completion

  • Does not include professional assessments or self-assessments


  • Program Length: 3 - 6 months

  • Four 3-hour in-person coaching sessions (may be converted to shorter virtual sessions) 4 - 8 virtual coaching sessions (via phone or video conference)

  • Pre-session feedback with two colleagues, HR and/ or direct reports regarding desired results for clients

  • Study of your performance reviews or other assessment tools if applicable. Final feedback with colleagues, HR and/ or direct reports

  • Final confirmation of plan of action and strategy

  • Follow-up call within two months of completion of coaching package


    JUMP START    
  • Program Length: 6 - 12 weeks

  • Two 3-hour in person coaching sessions 
    (may be converted to shorter virtual sessions) 2 - 4 virtual coaching sessions 
    (via phone or video conference)

  • Phone call to discuss synopsis, progress and challenges

  • Follow-up call within one month of 
    completion of coaching package

  • Program Length: 12 months

  • Three initial 4-hour in-person coaching 
    sessions (may be converted to shorter virtual sessions)

  • Four 2-hour in-person coaching sessions (may be converted to shorter virtual sessions)

  • 20 virtual coaching sessions (via phone 
    or video conference)

  • Presession feedback with four colleagues, 
    HR and/ or direct reports regarding desired 
    results for clients

  • Study of your performance reviews or other assessment tools if applicable. Final feedback with four colleagues, HR and/ or 
    direct reports

  • Final confirmation of plan of action and 

  • Two Accountability calls within two months of completion of coaching package

Additional Options
Sphere on Spiral Stairs



Team coaching helps members of a team understand the strengths, obstacles, and potential of the team when working together to achieve common goals. It strengthens trust, increases alignment and accountability, and can help teams work through decisions where there are no right answers. It is especially beneficial for teams experiencing some issues, including persistent conflict, feelings of being stuck, team dysfunction, or false harmony.



Group Coaching, also known as Peer Group Coaching, is a method where one coach facilitates a safe environment for a group of people to talk, share, discover and support each other in order to improve their behaviors and skills. This method is an effective and affordable way for organizations to develop talent and capabilities, with numerous benefits to both the organization and participants.



We offer customized leadership development solutions tailored to the specific needs of each organization. Our process starts by getting to know the organization in-depth, then designing and implementing tailored talent development programs that are personalized, scalable, and implemented at the right time

Steven Sharpless, United Technologies Aerospace

" The DWA Coaching program has completely put me on a different trajectory. I've come to understand my impact on my outcomes, also how to increase my influence with others I lead and work with. The results have been noticeable to others and definitely noticeable in my RESULTS. Thank you! I wish I found you earlier."
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