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USAF First Look Marketplace

frequently asked questions

What is the cost to be a seller in the Marketplace?

There’s an annual subscription fee of $500 plus a 4% transaction fee on products sold. 

What are the legal documents involved in being a seller?

Sellers must execute the following documents and pre-pay the annual subscription fee.

  • VIT Seller Agreement and related attachments

  • Seller Attestation document

  • Terms of Use document

How will sellers receive the orders?

Orders will be emailed to the seller’s designated email address. If you prefer to integrate the orders into your order processing system, it will be considered as custom work and charged at $199/hr. An assessment of the work and a quote will be provided.

Upon receipt of the order, will our fulfillment process
have to change?

No, the seller’s process of how the order is processed and fulfilled (i.e. local pick-up or shipped/delivered) does not have to change.

Is there a required number of days for delivery?

Orders are expected to be shipped/delivered typically within 2-3 days of order date. It is Important for the seller to be in communication with the buyer as soon as the order is received. To give them an ETA.  It is also very important to communicate any delays as soon as possible.

How and when would the seller get paid?

Products and services need to be marked as shipped in order to trigger payment. The seller will be trained on this process. We use PayPal to clear credit card payments. Payments are settled in the VIT accounts first and VIT will settle the payment weekly into you PayPal account less the fees charged by PayPal and less the VIT transaction fee.


Does the USAF First Look Marketplace charge sales tax?
Who would remit the sales tax?

The USAF First Look Marketplace will sell to USAF P-card holders who are tax exempt therefore no sales tax will be assessed to the USAF buyers.


 What types of products/services can be sold in the
USAF First Look Marketplace?

All products and services as long as they comply with the federal restrictions outlined in Section 889 paragraphs (a)(1)(A) and (a)(1)(B) of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. 


Is there a limit to the # of items in the catalog?

No, there is no limit.


Is there a limit to the frequency of catalog and price changes?

No, sellers will have access to the vendor portal so they can submit their catalog updates as  frequently as needed.


How difficult is it to create and upload a catalog?
Will the seller get trained? 

The catalog can be uploaded using an excel file. The seller will be trained by VIT. VIT can help with the formatting of the upload file but the seller is responsible for knowing the details about their product/service offering so they can provide the content. The process is simple and VIT is just a phone call or email away in case the seller needs assistance.


What about returns? Can the seller enforce their return policy?

Yes, the seller’s return policy will be published in the marketplace. The amount of authorized returns will be charged by PayPal against the VIT PayPal account and VIT will charge this to the seller during the weekly settlement.


Does the marketplace support the seller’s current delivery methods and associated fees?

The Marketplace can accommodate either Local Pick-up or Shipping/Delivery as methods of delivery.  It can support charging a flat delivery fee or a % of the order total with a threshold and it also supports charging a handling fee.  All fees must be published ahead of time in the Marketplace so that the buyers are fully aware of them before orders are placed.

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