The High Performing Leaders Executive Development Program is designed to address the unique needs of people of color, which are often overlooked or unknown in the workplace. We provide deeply immersive learning solutions addressing the unspoken impact of cultural differences, and how they can either facilitate or deter success at senior management levels. 


This intensive and interactive approach to skill building rapidly accelerates the understanding of program participants, and provides an advanced caliber of executive coaching typically not found in traditional professional development programs. 

The High Performing Leaders Executive Development Program is geared toward high-potential individuals looking to advance their careers and gain mastery over: 

  • How and why cultural differences can work for and against you in the workplace.

  • Managing up and performing to peak levels of executive effectiveness. 

  • Top-tier executive level communications and relationship management. 

  • Building a brand that precedes you and leaves a lasting impact.



The High Performing Leaders Executive Training Program is an intimate, and interactive certificate program curated and facilitated by some of the foremost experts in professional and leadership development, organizational management, and executive coaching. Armed with proven strategies that drive impact, this training program is guaranteed to deliver results.