thoughtful, relevant and engaging experiences


Dynamic events, group activities, networking, training sessions and entertainment
for the purpose of growing each individual.



Looking to find your perfect balance between personal excellence and professional performance? Let DWA learning opportunities guide you back to center. Ready to grow now as a leader and influencer?  DWA can help you chart a path towards better relationships, professional growth, and improved outcomes. Choose from thoughtful, relevant, and engaging learning opportunities offered though DWA High Performing Leaders classes, or attend the annual DWA  Purposeful Leadership Conference (PLC), an integrative approach to creating a purposeful leadership mindset. PLC allows you to engage with and learn from passionate, accomplished, and inspiring nationally recognized thought-leaders who guide you on a journey toward real and meaningful personal and professional growth and development. Or, be bold and do both!


Each year, DWA designs and executes a limited number of unique and memorable signature experiences for clients. Please call the office to learn more about this exclusive service.