D. Wilson Agency is a business management consulting and leadership development firm serving leaders and organizations with a strong desire to grow and excel. We serve at every level of an organization in the capacity where we are most needed, whether as an advisor to top management or a coach to front-line employees.  


We manage a broad range of projects across multiple sectors and are always process-oriented and results-driven; we assess your current state and recommend the best approach for your desired future. DWA consultants have over 80 years of experience combined and bring a high level of passion, professionalism, and purpose to each project.

We have been fueled solely by referrals and repeat business with satisfied clients. Most of them expand engagements to include additional services or extend the duration of our contracts.

  • We guard client confidences

  • We express the truth as we see it

  • We only accept engagements in which we can be fully vested


June 1, 2018


DWA engaged to create a program for the University of South Carolina to increase college graduation rates among low-income, first generation and underrepresented students. The agency created a comprehensive program to with work students and parents from 6th through 12th grades and each year of college if they decide to attend a USC campus. The program just completed a successful pilot of College Experience Tours and will launch the summer curriculum also designed by DWA in July.

May 24, 2018


DWA helped create the Charlotte Civic Leadership Academy and facilitates the Leadership Development section of the program based on the DWA Purposeful Leadership™ platform. On May 23rd, we graduated our third cohort of civic leaders in the city. "Our graduates participated in a rigorous 12-week program and were immersed in DWA Purposeful Leadership, a behind the scenes view of city government, including everything good and bad about our great city, and more importantly explored ways they can use new leadership tools and knowledge to more effectively affect change going forward. I'm proud to say they are ready."

- DeAlva Wilson - CEO,  DWA Management + Consulting