DeAlva Wilson

D. Wilson Agency
Consulting + Development 


DeAlvaWilson has leveraged a 20+ year career in corporate leadership for Fortune 100s, to build an agency that helps organizations and executives reach new heights of influence, performance and profitability.  

D. Wilson Agency is a management consulting, marketing and leadership development firm serving leaders and organizations with a strong desire to grow and excel. We serve at every level of an organization in the capacity where we are most needed, whether as an advisor to top management or a coach to front-line employees.  


We manage a broad range of projects across multiple sectors and are always process-oriented and results-driven; we assess your current state and recommend the best approach for your desired future. DWA consultants have over 80 years of experience combined and bring a high level of passion, professionalism, and purpose to each project.


We have been fueled solely by referrals and repeat business with satisfied clients. Most of them expand engagements to include additional services or extend the duration of our contracts.


  • We guard client confidences

  • We express the truth as we see it

  • We only accept engagements in which we can be fully vested


Through experience and a commitment to create root-cause solutions, DeAlva has evolved as a “connector” of people, and a silent  influencer in the inclusion space.  DWA is focused on strategic consulting solutions, segment marketing strategies and effective leadership programs  for brands across multiple industries, government agencies and higher education. The  agency enjoys a unique position as a preferred partner for diversity and inclusion  projects, social impact programs, and solutions on a significant scale for several large organizations.   


As a Certified Executive Coach, and creator of the DWA Purposeful Leadership  Program™, DeAlva has developed effective leaders through conferences and training  sessions. She worked with the City of Charlotte to create and facilitate the Civic  Leadership Academy based on the DWA Purposeful Leadership model; a 12 week  program held twice each year. Purposeful Leadership has also been implemented in  other higher ed institutions, programs and companies interested in sustainable  organizational change.   


DeAlva is proud to have built an agency and lead a team rooted in the core principles  of collective achievement, social consciousness, cultural competence and authentic  outcomes. She has grown DWA to be a driving force and key partner for top-tier  organizations. The agency develops leaders, programs and organizational strategies  that produce meaningful results and impact.  


A short client list includes Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TIAA-CREF, NC Department of  Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Wake Forest University, Clemson  University, University of South Carolina, University of Virginia, Charlotte Mecklenburg  Schools, the City of Charlotte, Target Corporation, Brownstone Construction Group,  Value Innovation Technologies, and Jack and Jill of America. 


She is a graduate of the Harvard Management Development Program; and has an  MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Winthrop University. DeAlva received  her Executive Coaching certification from the University of Georgia. In addition, she is a  Six Sigma Green Belt indicating knowledge of sustainable process design; and a  Certified Bridges Out of Poverty Trainer.